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Tonykart Racer 401R DD2
Item number: D2TR19M7QB10V1

Tonykart Racer 401R DD2

For many years, the Racer has been the reference point for the Tony Kart range. From 2000, the various editions of this model have collected 7 world championships along with other international titles in various categories. The new 401R continues this success story, improving various features but most notably the level of componentry. Among the new innovations, the new ‘high-grip’ steering wheel with an inclined steering hub boss, the integrated enclosed frontal area with the new M7 Series front spoiler. Also newly designed graphics.
Remaining unchanged though, is the chassis geometry and design. Just as the cornerstones of philosophy at the base of the project also do not change; highest quality materials, technologically advanced processes, constant development carried out and developed by the Tony Kart Racing Team at the most important races around the world.-

  • OTK Seat Size
  • Choose Frontspoiler Mount
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    About the product
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    • Frame Material : Molybdenum chrome steel
    • Tubes Ø : 30 mm
    • Wheelbase : 1045 mm
    • Axle Ø : 40 mm  - Link
    • Braking system : BSD brake system with OTK Dot 5.1 lubricant - Link
      Included Accessories
    • Magnesium parts produced in the most advanced CNC machinery.
    • MXJ wheels - Link
    • M7 front spoiler which gives an aerodynamic advantage - Link
    • Front bar - Link
    • Standard aluminum pedals - Link
    • New aerodynamic floor plate - Link
    • HGS Steering wheel with great comfort and grip - Link
    • 8,5L Fuel tank - Link
    • M7 Spoiler - Link
    • M6 farings with optional CIK-FIA homologated front spoiler connections
    • Stickers kit with new graphics - Link


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    Anti vibration buffer

    Anti vibration buffer
    Anti vibration buffer which is put over the nylon lock and keeps the front part of the side bumper in place. Fits all OTK kart. Tony kart, kosmic, exprit, eos and redspeed.

    Original OTK part

    Nylon locker for side bumper

    Nylon locker for side bumper
    Nylon lock for OTK side bumpers. 
    Used for the front part where the grey plastic part is going outside. 

    Original OTK part

    Hub bearing Ø25/42x12mm

    Hub bearing Ø25/42x12mm
    Bearing which is used for HST and BSS front wheel hubs. It's used on all karts with Ø25 mm stub axles.
    The bearing is also used for BS5 front brake disk hub. 
    Inner diameter: Ø25 
    Outer diameter: Ø42
    Width: 12 mm

    Original OTK part

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