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Universal parts


Fuel regulator

Fuel regulator
Fuel regulator with a knob that opens and closes for the fuel injection.
34,67 26,13EUR

Bolex carburettor OKJ/KFJ 20 mm

Bolex carburettor OKJ/KFJ 20 mm
Bolex Carburettor for KFJ & OKJ

Recommended settings for Vortex.

In minutes

High.: 0.35
Low.: 1.55

We recommend chage of the membranes every 3 hour of driving as well regularly change of fuel filter.
Fuel filter should be mounted 10cm before the carburettor.

A few good tips
  • Make sure to keep your carburettor clean and free from any dirt.
  • You must not blow the fuel back into the fuel tank. If there is dirt in the fuel filter it will come in the fuel tank.
  • Always empty your carburettor for fuel after a race day!
370,13 213,33EUR

Dellorto carburettor PHBG18BS, Cadett Junior/60 mini/J60

Dellorto carburettor PHBG18BS, Cadett Junior/60 mini/J60
Dellorto PHBH 18 mm carburettor for Cadett Junior/60 mini/J60.

Remember to always clean your carburettor. We recommend Xeramic Carburettor Cleaner and to install a fuel filter 10 cm away from the carburettor. 
80,00 64,00EUR

Kart Cover Black

Kart Cover Black

This kart cover KG protect your kart various dirt, and especially protect your bucket seat from the elements.
This cover completely covers the kart, and held on the kart is ensured by an elastic cover periphery.

Advantage of a kart cover, it also to visually hide your settings.


Light and handy manometer for kart tyres

Light and handy manometer for kart tyres
Pressure range:0,1-10 bar
Repeatability range: +- 0,2%
Resolution 0,01 bar
Illuminated Display with auto-off after 60 seconds.
Battery operation (CR2032) with a duration of about 1 year.
Selectable measurement units: psi, bar, kgf / cm2, MPa.
Net Weight: 194gr
82,03 60,00EUR

Seat pad supports, sticky, KG

Seat pad supports, sticky, KG
Complete seat padding from KG with seat support.
The kit is sticky and easily mounted on the seat.

Original KG product.

Xeramic hand pump

Xeramic hand pump
34,67 26,67EUR

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