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Tools for Engine rebuild


Crankshaft check tool

Crankshaft check tool
Specific tool for precise centering and balancing of any single cylinder crankshaft.

Crankshaft disassembly complete tool

Crankshaft disassembly complete tool
Specific tool for removing of axis coupling and the connecting rod of any single cylinder crankshaft with a maximum outside diameter of the shaft 93.5.
It is composed of a bushing with holes for the passage of connecting rod and hard steel flange.

Crankshaft measuring equipment, JHC

Crankshaft measuring equipment, JHC
Complete tool for measuring the crankshaft. 
There are 2 BMI dial gauges with adjustable magnetic supports included.
The tool can be adjusted so it will fit all types of crankshafts and with plastic inserts, you are sure to have the best mounting options for your crankshaft. 

BMI 766
Measuring range : 0 - 10 mm
Reading : 0,01 mm
Ø58 mm screen diameter.

Crankshaft press complete with bushes D.25 - D.30 - D.31,5

Crankshaft press complete with bushes D.25 - D.30 - D.31,5

Specific tool for the precise assembly of axis coupling and the connecting rod on kart crankshafts:

  • Maximum crankshaft outside diameter Ø93.5mm
  • Bearing seat Ø25mm, Ø30mm, Ø31.45mm (Interchangeable bushings supplied)

Digital Burette Titrette 50ml, Brand

Digital Burette Titrette 50ml, Brand
For measuring the volume of the engine, we are very proud to present this Burette Titrette which is the best on the market and most used. Digital Burette Titrette in 50ml with class A precision. 

Digital caliper with AOS system, Mitutoyo

Digital caliper with AOS system, Mitutoyo
Measured result is displayed in easy-to-read characters (height 9 mm). The AOS (Advanced Onsite Sensor) electromagnetic measurement system offers enhanced protection against water and dust.
  • Absolute scale, no zeroing necessary, resulting in faster, more reliable measuring.
  • Low power consumption (20,000 hours continuous use), battery charge indicator

Digital Degree Wheel, JHC

Digital Degree Wheel, JHC
JHC Digital Degree wheel gauge for Exhaust, Inlet, and Transfer port timing. 
The most used degree gauge on the market is used to measure the degrees at the intake, exhaust, and side ducts.

The wheel degree gauge includes the following adapters:
M10 x 1.
M12 x 1,25.
M12 x 1,5.

A charger is also included where you can see the battery condition under the On / Off button.
The battery is durable for up to 48H. 
Green - Enough battery 
Red - The battery need charging. 

Original JHC product. 

Engine Tilt tool, JHC

Engine Tilt tool, JHC
Do you need to measure the volume of your engine this adjustable til tool unit is the best tool for a secure and fast way to level the engine which is crucial for precise measurement.

The engine tilt tool can easily be adjusted in degrees using the big sprocket in the bottom of the unit.  

Ignition puller for PVL and Selettra

Ignition puller for PVL and Selettra
Allows to remove the ignition rotor on the 100cc engines.

Insert for measuring engine top volume

Insert for measuring engine top volume
An engine head insert used for measuring the top volume of the kart engine. 

Membranes kit, JHC

Membranes kit, JHC
Membranes kit from JHC. 

The set can used on a Ibea Carburettor. 

Piston ring grinder tool, JHC

Piston ring grinder tool, JHC
Piston ring grinder tool from JHC.
This tool os well used for 60cc - 125cc and 175cc piston rings with the help of the 3 milling positions. 

Side 1: 
Milling Ø42 mm : 60cc Piston ring.
Milling Ø64 mm : x30 Super shifter 175cc Piston ring. 

Side 2: 
Milling Ø54 mm : 125 cc Piston ring.

The grinder measures 108 x 107 mm and mounted with 4 x rubber pieces on the bottom. 

Portable hydraulic press, Vamec

Portable hydraulic press, Vamec
With its power and precision is much appreciated by the engines preparers and engine constructor for removing and reassembling of the connecting rod on the crank shaft. It is also suitable for many other operations (for exemple: assembly and removing bearings, bending, straightening, etc.).
Dimensions 25x50x65cm
Power 10t
Postion stroke 120mm
Fast down 4.8mm
Slow down 1mm
Max. Pressure 300bar
Weight 72kg

Precision bore gauge with dial indicator 35-60 mm, Mitutoyo

Precision bore gauge with dial indicator 35-60 mm, Mitutoyo
Self-centring precision bore gauge with three-point contact. Gauge holder and dial indicator matt chrome-plated. Shock-resistant plastic dial indicator housing. Gauge holder compensated for hand temperature. The gauge is set to the bore ⌀ by exchangeable contact points of different lengths and intermediate rings.
Measuring pins with spherical carbide tips.

Reed press, JHC

Reed press, JHC
Reed Press Tool secure a perfect sealing of the Reed Petals in the Pyramid. 
It's possible to add 4 Reeds at the same time - Mount the tool and leave the Reeds under pressure for 24H. 
  • Minimize the risk of broken Reeds.
  • Perfect sealing guarantee more consistent power output.
  • Suits Reeds for 100cc & 125cc Direct Drive Engines.
  • Makes setting of Carburation a lot easier. 
  • Used by Multiple Factory Teams.

Rotating pedestal for engine mounting

Rotating pedestal for engine mounting
Very practical to fix any engine during revision or control.

Sprocket puller, 100cc

Sprocket puller, 100cc
Allows to remove the sprockets from the 100cc engines.

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