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Vortex DJT, OKJ

Vortex DJT, OKJ

Vortex OK Junior 125cc  
Reedvalve and water cooled
The engine is the 2nd generation of the new OK engines and the successor of the succesful Vortez DDJ engine.
With the new design the engine have been reduced in both weigh and size and the center of gravity has been changed. 
In order to make this happen the crankshaft housing has been totally redesigned with components as the crankshaft, balanceshaft and conrod. 
The engine is now 15% lighter than the Vortex DDJ engine.

It comes with
• Rolling cages
• PVL-ignition
• PVL coil limited to 14.000 revs per minute
• Spark plug

Exhaust, carburettor and engine mount does not come with this engine and has to be bought separately.

Read the homolegation here


Redspeed RX R

This is the brand new RX R from Redspeed with all new parts and new bodywork
The "R" model is produced in a high level with the classic high standard from OTK. Several years of cooperation between the OTK teams research and the development department in OTK kart Group. The design of the kart was used first time in the 2018 FIA Karting wolrd championship.

The "Racer" have been the name for the chassis in many years and have won 7 World titles and countless wins on the international karting stage. It comes with M7 front panel, inclined steering hub, aerodynamic floorpan, HSG steering wheel and a kart produced to WIN!


Front spoiler, M7

Front spoiler, M7

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