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Selected kart parts from Kart shop


Oil Air Vent cap, One Engines

Oil Air Vent cap, One Engines
It can be mounted on any engine using a simple flexible fuel pipe.

LN Four, 2022

This id the brand new tony kart racer 401R with all new parts and new bodywork
New LN KART, signed by Lando Norris and OTK Kart Group.

The "LN Four" model is produced in a high level with the classic high standard from OTK.
Several years of cooperation between the OTK teams research and the development department in OTK kart Group. 
It comes with M7 front panel in dark blue, inclined steering hub, aerodynamic floorpan, HSG steering wheel combined with the inclined hub. 


Fuel funnel, JHC

Fuel funnel, JHC
We are proud to finally announce that we have the best funnel with a filter for water separation of the fuel in stock.
The funnel is made from galvanized zinc which ensures great durability. 
The funnel itself is made for a perfect fit into the fuel tank with its tapered end and the welded spacer on 16 cm you have a great position to fill the tank all the way up to the funnel. 

Used by many professional teams.

Brake pads BSD rear, 2 pcs box

Brake pads BSD rear, 2 pcs box
Looking for new brake pads? Brake pads for OTK karts, Tony kart, Kosmic, Exprit, EOS and Redspeed karts

Brake pads kit with 2 brake pads. 
BSD brake pads is used on all OTK karts with BSD brake caliper which launched in 2016.

Original OTK part.

Axles bearing Ø50 x 80mm

Axles bearing Ø50 x 80mm
OTK rear axle bearing Ø50 x 80 mm.
The bearing supports 3 lock screws (M8 x 1mm), which is not included.

Crank case complete, Rotax DD2

Crank case complete, Rotax DD2
Complete crankcase for Rotax DD2
The crankcase includes the mounted bearings and oil seals.
For mounting the crankshaft halves - tighten the 12 x M6 x 45mm bolts with 10 Nm and with Loctite 243.
We recommend changing the crankcase gasket every time the crankcase halves are taken apart.

Original Rotax Max spares part. 

Temperature splitter long (EGT/CHT) for UniGo

Temperature splitter long (EGT/CHT) for UniGo
UniPro temperature splitter for water and exhaust temperature. The cable connects directly into the lap timer and connects to the temperature sensors. For UniGo lap timers. 

Clutch drum, Rotax Max Evo

Clutch drum, Rotax Max Evo
Rotax Max Evo clutch drum. 
The clutch drum fits:
Rotax Max Mini Evo
Rotax Max Junior Evo
Rotax Max Senior Evo

High level service 

No matter if you order today, tomorrow, or next month, we always keep our level of service high and consistent. 

Fast delivery

We normally pack and send all orders we receive the same day before 12 am in order for you to have the parts as fast as possible.

Kartshop Customer support

If you have any questions about any parts or need some advice you can always call us or e-mail us. We answer within 24 hours.

30 days right to return

A deal will first be done when you have seen and approved your kart parts. Therefore we give you 30 days right to return after you have received your kart parts.



Kartshop – The story of Kartshop starts in 2020 when we launched it as an English version to our danish kart shop otkshop.dk. Since then, we have been working on Kartshop everyday to make a kart part shop for anybody with worldwide shipping and opportunities. We are a new go-kart store with many years of experience. We sell and market go karts online and have more than 4300 kart parts on for sale.

Our large storage capacity makes us able to have all parts in stock. This means when you order, the parts will come directly from our shop to you. We aim to be the best version of an online kartstore where we provide security and great service for all of our customers when they need kart parts like in a physical store.

At Kartshop you are always able to buy karting parts with no hesitation and in all hours of the day. We continue to develop our shop to be the best if not the perfect kart store for all drivers, mechanics and teams.
Why? Because, we love karting.

The kartstore has over 3300 kart parts and wheels parts in stock.

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