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Selected kart parts from Kart shop


OTK Microfiber Towels

OTK Microfiber Towels
We are glad to introduce you a new accessorize by OTK, the microfiber towel.
These microfiber clothes are perfect to clean chassis and parts deeply.

Floating sprocket hub, Triple-K, D.30 mm

Floating sprocket hub, Triple-K, D.30 mm

Floating sprocket hub for 215 & 219 chains.

It is a floating and spoke hub incorporating the technology to the next level.
It is sticking to the material to make you feel the difference with general commercial products, 3 piece structure / total cutting on CNC machine. We will try to improve the flight efficiency by setting the floating clearance so that friction at the time of running can be lightened.
It is the finest sprocket completed by thinking through triple K at intervals of several years. 
World Champion and National Championship class OK and OKJ class
So we have a lot of teams adopted.
The chain’s elasticity reduces the friction to the utmost limit and prevents troubles of the chain to the minimum.
Made in Aluminum 
For D. 30 mm rear axles.

Sniper V2 Inox laser allignment

Sniper V2 Inox laser allignment
The V2 Inox is a 2 kart laser system which lets you quickly and easily set camber and toe on your kart. Adjust camber and toe easy and fast between your heats and be ready before your opponents. Right now at a great offer you cant miss. 

Accelerator Helper for OKJ / OK, Professional

Accelerator Helper for OKJ / OK, Professional
Accelerator helper for OK and OKJ engines. The helper can be mounted on the back of the seat and control the throttle for the kart to ensure a perfect fuel supply for starts of the engine. 

Startermotor 50589, Vortex Mini Rok

Startermotor 50589, Vortex Mini Rok
Starter motor for Vortex Mini Rok engines. 

Blind Plate for Reedblok, One Engines

Blind Plate for Reedblok, One Engines
Blind plate for reed valve to protect the reed valve and the engine from dust and other artifacts getting into the engine and making damage. The plate can be mounted with a piece of fuel pipe. 

Ignition Coil, Mini Red

Ignition Coil, Mini Red
Homologation 036-IG-15 for Mini 60 from 2020.

You find the homologation for PVL Mini 60 here

High level service 

No matter if you order today, tomorrow, or next month, we always keep our level of service high and consistent. 

Fast delivery

We normally pack and send all orders we receive the same day before 12 am in order for you to have the parts as fast as possible.

Kartshop Customer support

If you have any questions about any parts or need some advice you can always call us or e-mail us. We answer within 24 hours.

30 days right to return

A deal will first be done when you have seen and approved your kart parts. Therefore we give you 30 days right to return after you have received your kart parts.



Kartshop is an online Kartstore with more than 4000 parts. Kart shop is a brand new go-kart store that sells and market go kart parts online. We sell Tony kart, Kosmic kart, Exprit, and Redspeed go-karts. Our kartshop online aims to be the best version of a go kart store where you can pick and buy kart parts and go kart supplies like you would in any other store. We wanted a complete kart shop that everyone would be able to use and call the kart shop that they use.

Kartshop is an expansion of OTKshop.dk which is our online kart store in Denmark. That was actually called kosmic kart in the first place many years ago. Kartshop.com has been running since the beginning of 2020 and we try to improve and gather all impressions from our customers. Our goal is to make a kart shop online for any kart enthusiast in Europe. The kart store sends the kart parts directly from the warehouse out to all karting lovers in the EU.

At Kart shop, you are able to buy kart parts all hours with no hesitation. Kartshop.com aims to be the perfect kart store for all users and we keep developing the kart store. 

The kartstore has over 3300 kart parts and wheels parts in stock.

Official OTK dealer. Kartshop provide the best kartstore. Great prices, quality and wheels parts

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