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Xeramic, hand cleaner, 600 ml

Xeramic, hand cleaner, 600 ml
Xeramic hand cleaner is effective against oil and soot and mild for the skin because Xeramic hand cleaner is citrus based.


Dasty Degreaser, 1L

Dasty Degreaser, 1L
Dasty Degreaser Classic is a hard surface cleaner with a powerful degreasing action.
The product has the advantage that it can be used for many applications.
Dasty Degreaser Classic contains a special raw material on which Dasty has a European exclusivity.
It contains no solvents.
Its operation is based on a mixture of surfactants, which is particularly effective in removing the most difficult types of dirt, such as natural and mineral grease, dust and other pollutants from the external environment.

Hand soap, special, 1 kg

Hand soap, special,  1 kg
Hand soap from Maurer which is specially developed for hands that are exposed to chain lube, oil etc.


Vrooam Bodywork cleaner, 500 ml

Vrooam Bodywork cleaner, 500 ml
Special bodywork cleaner developed to use in professional kart racing teams.
VROOAM Bodywork cleaner removes dirt, fat, oil and brake dust from plastic-, polyester-, and carbon surface very efficient. This product can be used on all waterproof surfaces except light metals and cannot be used on heated surfaces.   

Click here for Safety data sheet

Important: This product cannot be sent by express by air, and outside of Europe.

Vrooam hand cleaner, Professional, 4,5 kg

Vrooam hand cleaner, Professional, 4,5 kg
Powerful hand cleaner from Vrooam to remove havy dirt like oil, tar and adhesives etc. 
  • 100% natural scrubber
  • Dermatologic tested
  • Solvent free
  • Bio degradable
3 L

Click here for Data safety sheet 

Vrooam Kart Cleaner, 1L

Vrooam Kart Cleaner, 1L
Highly effective, super-powerful cleaner to remove "mechanical" dirt for professional use. 
Degreases and cleans mechanical iron parts and materials. 

Attention : Extremely powerful products. Avoid prolonged contact of pure cleaner on Aluminium, painted and hot surfaces, plastic materials and rinse off direct thoroughly with water. 
Avoid use on clear plastics and decals. Always try cleaner 
first on small hidden parts. 

Instructions for use : Spray on surface, rinse off with watered spongy cloth. For stubborn dirt, leave to act the cleaner for a few seconds and rinse off with a water jet or with a watered spray cloth. 

Vrooam Power Wipes, 100 pcs

Vrooam Power Wipes, 100 pcs
Strong cleaning wipes for easy and direct use for removal of grease, fat, oil, wet paint, brake dust, soot, glue, resin, and other persistent pollution. This product is an excellent alternative to aggres­sive chemicals and solutions.
Click here for Safety data sheet

Xeramic hand cleaner tissues, 75 stk

Xeramic hand cleaner tissues, 75 stk
Xeramic hand cleaner tissues is a perfect tool for cleaning the hands after working with the kart.
There's 75 tissues per unit. 

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