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Rotax DD2 Crankshaft housing

/> Idle gear 77T (2. gear) Idle gear 81T (1. gear) Krumtap Komplet, Rotax DD2 Plejlstang, Komplet Primary skaft 24/19 T, Rotax DD2 Leje 6204 C3, Rotax DD2 Pakning for krumtaphus, Rotax DD2 Cylinderbolt M6 x 45 mm Magnetisk olie bolt, Rotax DD2 Rotax Stempel Fiberbøsning for DD2 Fiberbøsning for DD2

Idle gear 77 T

Idle gear 77 T

Idle gear 81 T

Idle gear 81 T

Bolt allen M6 x 45 mm

Bolt allen M6 x 45 mm
Bolt allen M6 x 45 mm.
The bolt allen is among other used for the OTK BSM4 brake system caliper, foot rest and pedal kit.
The bolt is also use to screw the 2 crankshaft housings together on a Rotax DD2.

Original OTK part. 

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