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One of the most popular brands in karting is without doubt the AMV brand. AMV makes high-performance kart components and parts and we have now the wheels from AMV. The AMV wheels for karting is one of the greatest additions to your wheel selection. 

But why magnesium? Isn’t it expensive?
Beyond being considerably more expensive and far more brittle than aluminum, the advantages of magnesium are numerous…
  • A near 40% weight saving means less rotating mass, enabling better acceleration
  • Greater rigidity results in better handling characteristics

A considerable advantage of magnesium is its ability to dissipate heat. This enables magnesium wheels to maintain a more consistent tire temperature and pressure, providing a more consistent tire performance across the entire race distance.

Variations in magnesium wheel construction, design, casting, offset, bolt pattern, alloy, air volume are numerous. These factors greatly impact the kart’s setup, tire temperature, as well as lap time, and overall tire durability. Let’s explore the differences.

CIK homologated karts use 4 different 3 bolt pattern wheels that vary by Pitch Center Diameter (PCD) - 'A' in the diagram below

3 x 58mm PCD: Most popular and used by Tonykart, Birel, Parolin etc.
3 x 67mm PCD: Used by CRG and its brands.
3 x 69mm PCD: Used by Kart Republic.
3 x 66mm PCD: Used by Tecno, as an option in addition to its standard 58mm.

Also an important thing is Offset, where we sell in both 58mm and 63mm.
Offset is the rim's tension surface, on which the rim is mounted on the hub.
Standard is 58 mm
Then it is available in 63 mm displacement, which means that the clamping surface is mounted 5 mm further inwards towards the center of the rim.
This can increase the stiffness of the rim and thus provide more grip. An advantage of the displacement is also that it provides improved grip during acceleration in the turns.
However, a balance must be found where not too much grip is created.

If you want to try rims with displacement, then you must remember that the hub must be mounted 5mm further out to achieve the same wheelbase as for example 140mm on the rear axle.
After the hub has been moved 5mm further out, you will get a softer axle out at the rim area. Not in the middle of the shaft (Between the bearings), which will still remain the same.
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