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Bengio AB7 Rib Protector, CIK Homologated, Size L

Item number: BAB7LBY

Bengio AB7 Rib Protector, CIK Homologated, Size L

Starting from the ensured success of BUMPER and following the changes in the karting scenario, today BENGIO technology evolves towards the new AB7 RIB PROTECTOR, the first rib protector of BENGIO family homologated under FIA standard 8870-2018.

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    AB7 RIB PROTECTOR represents the edge of this evolution through the combination of:

    The ordinary lateral protection is integrated with new elements for the protection of sternum and back of the drivers to gain an all around safety where the whole torso area finds protection and comfort.

    Back protector: Tested for impact energy at 100 joule
    Chest protector: Tested for impact energy at 60 joule
    Rib protector: Tested for impact energy at 100 joule

    FIA standard requires that the maximum peak force recorder at any time during the impact shall not exceed 1kN. AB7 tests obtain largely superior results to the standards required.

    AB7 layout allows a better adherence to any part of the driver’s body. The new shaping of lateral rib protections grants a better fitting in driving position, while the elastic shoulder straps allow an adjustable regulation for any body structure.

    Thanks to the new closure system designed and registered by BENGIO, the driver can wear and adjust the rib protector in a simple, fast and safe way being sure that the protective areas stay in place during the driving session in compliance with FIA safety standard.

    The use of composite fibers grants the highest standards of resistance and safety in case of accident even after several uses. The internal padding in high shock-absorbing foam allows the dispersion of impact energy and vibrations to which the driver is subjected during the karting session.

    AB7 is completely hand-made in Italy. The in-house development and manufacturing of any component allows a close control on the quality of BENGIO products, guaranteeing the safety that is promised to every driver choosing BENGIO rib protectors.


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