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Complete HST eccentric bush Ø22 - 10mm
Item number: 0211.D0KIT

Complete HST eccentric bush Ø22 - 10mm

HST eccentric bush Ø22 - 10 mm, which is used on all the big kart from OTK
The Bush is eccentric meaning you can adjust the caster and camber. 

You can read a full description of the eccentric bush underneath the product.

Original OTK part

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About the product
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On every stub axle there is mounted 2 eccentric bushes where you can adjust camber and caster. 
The standard setup with these bushes is when both arrows point foward both in the top and bottom. 

A rule of thumb is that you can adjust the front grip from the middle and and out of the corner by adjusting the camber. 
When adjusting the camber you change the angle of the wheels on the front of the kart. 
You can see how the angle is by standing in front of the kart and looking straight onto both wheels.
If the tires are shaped as a V it is postive camber.
If the tires are shaped as an A it is negative camber.
As a start you should always drive with a standard set up (arrows foward) but you can try to adjust the bush 1-2 steps on high speed tracks because it might help you get more grip in the rear end in the exit of a fast corner.

The caster is adjusted by pointing the arrows forward or backwards. 
If the arrows point foward you have minimum caster and if the arrow points backwards you have max caster. 
If you increase the caster you will put more pressure on the inner front wheel into the corner and helps the rear wheel lifting more with less steering of the kart. It might make you feel that the corner is easier to go through. 
The steering is also heavier and too much caster can cause the rear end to slide. Therefore you need to be easy on the steering wheel when using max caster. 

These settings should be be considered as a guide, but it's very individual for the driver. Some drivers tend to have more or less steering than another driver. We recommend trying the different settings for your driver in order to know how they feel and to recognize the difference between them. 


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