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MG wheel hub Ø50x148mm
Item number: 0053.F0

MG wheel hub Ø50x148mm

The long rear wheel hub from OTK in the 148 mm length for Ø50 mm rear axles. 
This rear wheel hub is often used in rainy conditions and it's the rear wheel hub that adds the most grip of them all. 

Original OTK part-

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OTK part for Tony kart, Kosmic, Exprit, EOS and Redspeed has made this rear wheel hub for slippery or wet conditions because it adds the most grip to the karts rear end as possible. 
The rear wheel hub fits all Ø50 mm rear axle karts. 
This might give you the last speed in rainy or slippery conditions and is often used in the OK an KZ category. 

Wheels parts are necessary for kart racing. Wheels parts includes hubs and wheels/rims. The wheels part you need can be found under wheels parts for karts. If you are not sure which wheels parts you need you are welcome to contact us for wheels parts support. 


We answer as fast as we can. On every days you can expect an answer within 24 hours.
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MG wheel hub Ø50x115mm

MG wheel hub Ø50x115mm
Rear wheel hun in 115 mm length from OTK Ø50 mm.
This length is between the long and the standard rear wheel hubs and very useful in slippery conditions where it can give the last grip you need.

Original OTK part

Brake pads BSD rear, 2 pcs box

Brake pads BSD rear, 2 pcs box
Looking for new brake pads? Brake pads for OTK karts, Tony kart, Kosmic, Exprit, EOS and Redspeed karts

Brake pads kit with 2 brake pads. 
BSD brake pads is used on all OTK karts with BSD brake caliper which launched in 2016.

Original OTK part.

AL wheel AXP 130mm

AL wheel AXP 130mm
AXP Aluminium front wheel 130 mm.
On a cold or wet circuit without grip the choice is the OTK AXP-model aluminium wheel. 
Aluminium is a material that has a tendency to increase the air temperature between the tire and the wheel which increases pressure ad temperature and therefore always a a great choice on a wet track.
It comes with wheel screws and valves.

Original OTK part

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