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Oil plug with magnet, TM KZ
Item number: TM49851.1

Oil plug with magnet, TM KZ

TM Racing KZ
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Weight 3KG

Weight 3KG
Lead weight from OTK with a weight on 3KG. 
The lead block has a perfect shape for the seat and you're able to adapt it with other weights from OTK beside it. There is holes for 2x M8 x 45- 50 mm countersunk bolts and space for a Ø8 x 17 mm washer.

Original OTK part

Intake silencer, Nitro with rain cover D.30

Intake silencer, Nitro with rain cover D.30
Intake silencer from KG. The KG nitro is a very popular intake silencer that a lot of international teams use. This version is included with a rain cover that is easy to install. The KG nitro is in size D.30 and made for KZ karts. The airbox from KG will also be great for preventing stuff and dirt to get into the engine because of the structure of the airbox filter. 

You find the homologation for Nitro D.30 mm here

Foot rest, black

Foot rest, black
Simple black footrest that gives better support in the corners and prevents the feet from sliding on the floor plate. 

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