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RK Chain lube, green, 400ml.
Item number: AAL0030

RK Chain lube, green, 400ml.

RK Green kart chain lube has an extremely good adhesive ability at high temperatures which prevents the oil to be sling of the chain. 

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RK kart chain lube Green has an extremely good adhesive ability at high temperatures which prevents the oil to be sling of the chain. 

The chain on a kart reaches high temperatures and therefore it's important that the RK kart chain greasing has a good adhesive ability at high temperatures. 

RK Kart Chain lube has the following advatages:

- Suitable for alle chain types incl. O-ring chains
- High adhesive ability on metal
- Good oil penetration ability 
- Very heat constant
- Won't damage varnish and paint
- Doesn't get washed away in rain

The RK kart racing chain string lube has to be sprayed on the inside of the chain while the rear wheel is turned around until all of the kart racing chain is lubed. When the chain is lubed with RK kart chain lube it's recommended that the side of the sprocket gets sprayed with RK chain lube. The kart chain lube that is on the sprocket will then be sling out on the chain while driving and thereby extend the efficiency of the chain lube.

Let the RK kart chain lube sit for 10-15 min. before the kart is started.

Tip: If the spark plug is screwed out of the engine it's easier to turn the rear wheels around in OKJ / OK. Remember that the spark plug has to have contact with the engine to prevent damaging the ignition coil.


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