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Tillett T11T
Item number: T11TCLR

Tillett T11T

This is the new model Tillett T11T Racing Kart Seat. New technology that makes the kart seat ride hide lower and better for the driver that sits in the Tillett T11T kart seat. Developed by the world championship winning Tillett Racing kart seats the T11T will be impossible NOT to spot on the kart tracks around the world.

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    Tillett T11T - New Top model from Tillett racing seats. 
    The Tillett seat is a bit softer than the OTK seat and this Tillett seat is between Tillett VG and Standard.
    Tillett racing seats with it's many world championships has become one of the most noticeable kart seats. 

    Tillett T11T is used by the top teams of the world because their development of a high quality kart seat and minimal kart seat weight. Tillett kart racing seats contructed the T11-series to gain an even lower riding position of the kart seat than the T5 Tillett kart seat and maintain a standing shoulder position that makes it possible for the driver to keep full control of the kart without disturbing the weight distribution.
    • New flagship model from Tillett Kart Racing Seats
    • Championship winning kart seat from Tillett
    • Lower riding position with Tillett T11T kart racing seat.
    • Full control in the kart in Tillett Kart seat

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